cody's corner


January 2013

Bonjour mi Amigos,
The new year has begun and we are busy, busy, busy planning for the summer of 2013. Did I mention we are busy? Charlie and I will be doing lots of travel-ing in the next few months meeting with and hiring returning and new counsel-ors for the summer. This is always an exiting time for me, because as many of you know, I like being out and about rather than sitting around.
On that note I want to meet people that you know! If you have a friend that is interested in Fern, I want to tell them about how awesome it is! Are you an alumni or a counselor and know someone who might fit the Camp Fern staff mold? Call Me. I want to talk with them as well! One of the wonderful things about being part of the Camp Fern family is sharing your experiences with others. We also help to grow that family each season through campers and staff, insuring that the experience and traditions of Camp Fern are passed on to each generation.
I am asking you, do you know someone who needs a little Fern in their life? Do you know someone Camp Fern needs in it’s life? If so, I want to meet them! I want to grow the Fern family and develop counselors and campers that create the experience that has been so important to the generations that have come before my time here and will continue into the future.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Cody “The Louisiana Legend” Albright

October 2012

Howdy yall,
I hope that your fall is off to a good start. The Eagles’ Nest crew and I (A.K.A “Team screeching eagle”) have been back in the office and are already preparing for the summer of 2013. After closing out the summer I had a cool chance to ride my bicycle down the Natchez Trace from Nashville Tennessee to Natchez Mississippi. The trip took me six days and I finished in the nick of time, missing hurricane Isaac by about twelve hours, talk about a close call!  After finishing my trip I have returned to work in the nest and have moved on to some really important things like college football (Geaux Tigers!) and recruiting Counselors for next summer.  Recently Charlie and I traveled to DBU University to meet and recruit counselors at their annual Camp Day. This week Charlie and I are cleaning out and reorganizing Sweet Gum Sweet. During our cleaning we discovered a squirrel.  We named him Fred and have adopted him as the Eagles’ Nest pet squirrel.  I am personally hoping that Fred will hang around until next summer, but you can never tell with squirrels as they tend to be a little nutty. Make sure to check the Camp Fern website, Facebook, and YouTube pages for regular updates as well as fall and winter online contests.