Miss Peg's porch

October 2015

Two things are hard on the heart – running up stairs and running down people. 

                  Ephesians 4:29 says: “ Watch the way you talk. Let nothing harmful come out of your mouth. Say only what helps, each word a gift.”


Here’s a poem that goes along with this thought:

                                    Wouldn’t this world be better, 

                                    If folks whom we meet would say,

                                    “I know something good about you,”

                                    And treat you just that way?

                                    Wouldn’t life be happier,

                                    If the good that’s in us all,

                                    Were the only thing about us

                                    That people would recall?

                                    Wouldn’t our days be sweeter,

                                    If we praised the good we see?

                                    For there is a lot of goodness,

                                    In the worst of you and me.

                                    Wouldn’t it be fine to practice,

                                    This way of thinking too,

                                    You know something good about me,

                                    I know something good about you?


It’s so easy to say or repeat bad things about others, but the road to Character refuses to do so.  I challenge you to be a person of Character today!


Much love,  



April 2015

Do you know what a chameleon is?  It’s a lizard that changes color to match what it’s next to.  We have a lot of them at camp.  Boys especially like catching them if they can. There’s a paint commercial on television right now about chameleons.  Most people believe that   chameleons change colors for their own protection.  Enemies can’t pester them if they can’t see them.

We’re a lot like that chameleon sometimes.  We want to blend in with everything and everyone around – like acting in ways that we know are right or acting in ways that we know are not right, depending on who we’re with.  We might laugh when someone cuts someone else because we want to fit in.  Or we might stand up and say it’s important not to cut others down.  Even though it’s easier to be one of the crowd, God calls us to be willing to be different if it’s the right thing.  Are you working on being a person of character who can stand apart from the crowd when it’s right?

Much love,