Our Happy East Texas Camper Testimonials

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Read what parents are saying about Camp Fern. Click here if you would like to write a testimonial about your experiences.

"All three of my children have gone to Camp Fern and they have loved it! Camp Fern is truly a rare find! It has everything a summer camp should and more... much, much more!"

- Victoria Crawford, Phoenix, AZ

“I cannot say enough about your camp. It was a new experience for our family, but I kept thinking that this would be so good for him. Sure enough, he wants to stay a month next summer!"
- Becky Edington, Abilene, TX

“Camp Fern has a way of making you believe in yourself. It helps you achieve the highest goals never thought possible in the minds of our children."
- Lisa Ledoux Locke, Beaumont, TX

“Three generations of our family have attended and loved Camp Fern (18 in all) starting with myself in the 1930's. Bless Aunt Mag, Uncle Vernon, and Miss Peggy."
- Katherine Winniford, McKinney, TX

“Besides the fun and friendships they've had at Camp Fern, my sons have learned leadership, self-reliance and confidence in their abilities."
- Mary Hilliard, Austin, TX

"Thank you again for another life changing summer. She (daughter) cried before we made it half way up the Ferny road. I love hearing the stories. It takes our relationship to a different level. Thank you for that!”
- M.C., Ford Shreveport, LA

“There are no words!! It's the greatest time in the world!! My girls are already counting down the days until next summer!!!”
- Elizabeth D. McDonald, Tyler, TX

“We love Camp Fern as parents. The skills, life lessons and people our children have become are results of their summers at Camp Fern. Lifelong friendships formed, great role models in their counselors and fabulous experiences for over 10 yrs. College friends across the country still get together...all started being cabin mates since 2nd & 3rd grade through high school. CF has left fingerprints all over our children and helped mold them...expose them to sports and activities they are passionate about to this day! Thanks CF for our equestrian, swimmers, golfers, hunters, campers, hikers, dancers, fearless nature explorers that love outdoors, and for creating servant leaders, and valuable teammates that win and can lose with grace and humility!”
- Rhonda Baird, Baton Rouge, LA

“I spent years at Camp Fern as a camper and now am a proud Camp Fern parent. My kids fell in love with it instantly. Not a day passes that they don't mention Camp Fern or something they've learned there. I love that it has stayed essentially the same since its founding. The magic of Fern is hard to describe but seems similar for all who attend. The values, activities and daily schedule allow my kids to have the same experience I did. Even in this world of technology, they unplug for up to 4 weeks! It's incredible, and they beg to go back. Just an awesome experience!”
- Kelli Gerber Lowe, Frisco, TX

“This is the place that I associate with all my childhood summers, I spent nine summers there from when I was 8 until 17! The best place on earth! I have memories and friends that will last a lifetime from here!”
- Alexandra Stutes, Lake Charles, LA

“My 10 years at Camp Fern, as both a camper and a counselor, were an elemental part of my growth from a young girl to an aspiring young woman. I learned about friendship, responsibility, sportsmanship, and leadership, just to name a few. I highly recommend this experience to everyone
- Christine Andrus, Lafayette, LA

“Thank you so much for another wonderful summer experience of growth for my daughter who has tried new things, failed and kept going, accomplished new and better things, gained new friendships, and all in an environment of caring, nurturing, and Christian love. Just how I remember it.”
- Matt McConnell, Lafayette, LA

“I owe this place so much of my personality and confidence”
- Megan Pugh, Asheville, NC

“Loveliest place on earth. The owners are wonderful Christian people and run the camp accordingly.”
- Pam Haworth Barbera, Plano, TX

“Best time of my life. The friends I made at CF are my oldest and dearest friends and I consider them all family. I miss CF every day! I feel so fortunate to have had the CF experience!”
- Kristin Bienvenu, Austin, TX

“It was a fantastic experience for me, and is just as awesome for my daughter, now.”
- Mandi Ditto Sanders, Mobile, AL

“Still wishing I was young enough to be a camper! I loved every minute of it! Some of my best memories are of CF and all of the amazing staff and friends that I met there!”
- Julie Smithwick Bennett, Prosper, TX

“Camp Fern is a diamond placed in the middle of East Texas. It gave me some of my greatest memories and friends as well as helped to mold me into the person I am today.”
- Judson Murray, Longview. TX

“While the world around us is moving so quickly and has so much influence from technology, Camp Fern remains a place where kids can get away from everything and have time to be a kid and to challenge themselves with new adventures. Camp Fern is timeless and has been relevant for our family for three generations. We see it as a part of our extended family and hope to have many more generations be part of the Fern legacy.”
- Jennifer Ford, College Station, TX