Become A Fernbassador For Our Adventure Camp

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You can help create new Camp Fern families and spread the Camp Fern experience by becoming a Fernbassador. The Fernbassador program is Camp Fern’s new camper recruiting program. Help create new Camp Fern families while lightening the load of your own camper’s tuition.

For this program:

  • You receive cash payments for each brand new camper you bring to camp!

  • Fernbassador Bucks are paid on the store balance at the end of each session or by check if the new camper attends a later session. It can also be credited to the next summer.

  • Fernbassador Bucks are paid to families who have a Zero dollar balance with Camp Fern.


  • Any Adult can be a Fernbassador.

  • The new camper must list you on the application under “How did you find out about Camp Fern?”

  • This does not apply to members of the same family such as siblings or grandchildren.

Fernbassador Recruiting Incentives

  • $50 Fern Bucks for each new one-week camper

  • $125 Fern Bucks for each new two-week camper

  • $250 Fern Bucks for each new four-week camper

  • 50% off tuition for 5 new campers of same session

We Need You To Become A Fernbassador!

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